Monday, February 10, 2020

How trading zones can be a part of Forex Strategies and how to trade trading zones successfully

HI Readers,

I would like to draw your attention towards the Charts which I like sharing with the readers.
Reason being the chart shows itself a perfect example of trading zone, Support resistance Flip or trap and approach to the zone with Hi-Lo Variables.

I have research quite a lot on how to trade with Support and resistances in Commodities, forex and future market and it is a part and hard work of my successful zone. How I sell high and buy low with zones marking.

Gbpjpy chart is a perfect example of trading zones coincident with Support and resistance and confluence which is needed to be tested but before it was tested price flip from the support zone and made a new low . That was good enough reason for me to fetch good reward while price try to jump to test that level again and that is what has happened exactly.

Best things you can do while trading is mark the zone and look left if that zone has any relationship past the zone like left shoulder zone & also if there is enough significant lifts from the zone higher or lower & last and most important is the approach. Zone should left an failed attempted to go past the zone and that attempt should be a good one to trade at arrival.

In next few days, I will post with live Trade Example to tell you how to trade traps with Candles and zone with successful method.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

How to trade Forex without Indicators. Best of the strategies that Works in Forex

Hi, Readers

Its quite a while since I last post an article on the blog . Reason being the schedule and busy in trading . I would always love to help everyone here & share best of the knowledge and experience I've gained in this career of forex trading in last 10 years or so.

Today, I would like to update you all about compression in Forex Trading. Price Compress when there are orders left above the recent price and price pick orders when it left a level and retest to check the supply and demand left.

Usually, while doing there are stacked orders that left followed by strong move & when Price show signs or hints of looking for those orders, then price usually don't really rush away immediately to find those orders, rather it compressed to the zone, usually in Three drives or one can see three peaks in traditional Technical terms.

Following chart is of Usd/cad, in which price has shown signs of compressing towards the 1.3290-80 area, where we witness strong decline and now as price is approaching that level, we are bound to see a reaction to that zone. Price earlier had a decision made here and breach through various levels & now as we see strong reaction below when price leave levels and keep testing those zones after going through an area of concern.
Only Forex strategy that works

I mark every crucial area with rectangles and trendlines, which show that there is hesitation and accumulation going on the moving market. This is totally a sign of reversal happening which opens up the opportunity to get nice profits as Only area I can see is the bottom of last breach which is around 1.3120 area.

I would love to extend that post to help you all with little more education on how we need to approach your trading activities but for the time being, that is all I can do & will make sure that I post atleast couple of post in a week to keep you all interested and guide you as much as I can with logical information about Forex & Commodity trading.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Forex Tecnical analysis and power of risk management

Forex trade Idea
Sell Eur/cad @1.5159
Stops @ 1.5230
Target 1st 1.5000

I will update the blog later

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Trading signals for gbp & euro on 30/11/2017

Buy Gbp/usd 1.3472 stops around 1.3238
Target 1.3510

Price hold the area of 1.3438 for the whole day but was finally breached after US close. Look to target the psychology number around 1.3500 and this area is also 5 years low & hold the prices there for quite a long time, so expect longs profits to be taken out but seeing at the rally I am expexting new cash flow and we will see new yearly high soon.

Pending sell limit euro @ 1.1850 with stops arounf 1.1885 & target 1.1810 euro usd shorts both the target hit +40 for euro & closing gbp/ usd for -12 pips.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New zealand dollar intraday signals

Trading signals given time 06:30 A.m GMT SELL stop @0.6905
Stop 0.6923
Target 0.6870
Risk to Reward 2:1
Price has hold on to levels below 0.6905 since the yesterday close of US market. Next intraday support on hourly chart is around 0.6970. I will short at retest as there could be orders pending to catch the stops few pips above this level.